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About us

About Kitchen Robotics™

Kitchen Robotics™ specializes in the development of robotic dark kitchens solutions, also known as ghost or cloud kitchens.
Our vision is to reshape the way restaurants design, prepare, manage and deliver dishes in multiple cuisines. The company was founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs from various fields and disciplines who joined forces to achieve this unique challenge. Our suite consists of our hardware robotic product Beastro™, supported by our Dark Kitchen OS, Cuismo™.

Our products

The world's first
Robotic Dark Kitchen

The world's first Dark Kitchen Operating System

About Beastro ™

Beastro ™ is the worlds most advanced Robotic Dark Kitchen solution. The solution is suitable for diversified types of clients and cuisines and simplifies not only the design and preparation of enormous amount of dishes but also maintains dish consistency, sanitary standards and personal customized touch.

Beastro ™ is managed, controlled and monitored by Cuismo ™, a sophisticated and highly advanced Dark Kitchen cloud-based operating system.


About Cuismo™

Cuismo™ is a highly advanced cloud-bases SAAS solution for the design, programming, control and monitoring of Beastro™ robot. The software suit enables the parallel management of both robotic and manual cooking process. Cuismo™ is a programmable space where each chef can carefully design his own dishes, while being supported by advanced AI and Machine Leaning tools as well as 3rd party integrations.